Measure that which is measurable and make measurable that which is not so.
Galileo 1564-1642
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All measurement results, ballooned drawings and other associated documents are posted to your personnel password protected web folder on our web site. These services are available for imported and exported products as well .

Contract Inspection:
  • First Article Inspection
  • Batch inspection for key characteristics
  • Capability Studies
  • Visual Inspection and Sorting
  • Limited On-Site services
  • Source Inspection
  • Complete Outsourcing Program:
Part Inspection (rework and complete final processes as required)
Interface with supplier regarding discrepancies and clarifications
Ship to final destination

Online and Offline CMM Part Programming (training is available):
  • DMIS (Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard)
  • CMM Manager

Calibration Services

Dimensional Inspection Consulting

Reverse Engineering
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ISO 17025